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Psychedelics made me a better person and I refuse to deny or apologize for that.

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Posted: September 30th
Did you really watch your friend die...? asked by Anonymous

no. i’m fucking lying.
fuck yes i did, fuck. he overdosed while i was asleep and i woke up to him dead in my living room, my fiance tried to give him CPR but he was way too… dead. basically. instead all the blood and phlegm came pouring out his mouth and it was really traumatic, honestly. 

Posted: September 29th
decided to cut my own hair todayi could literally make an entire wig with what i chopped off
sick as fuck, 30$ short of getting onrealest shit right now

8bit fuck

Flies beginning to colonize the eye after death. The first insects to arrive at decomposing remains are usually Calliphoridae, commonly referred to as blow flies. These flies have been reported to arrive within minutes of death or exposure, and deposit eggs within 1–3 hours. First eggs are laid in or near the natural orifices of the head and anus, as well as at the site of perimortem wounds. Depending on the rate of decomposition and the development time of particular blowfly species, eggs may hatch and young larvae begin to feed on tissues and liquids while the carcass is still classified in the fresh stage

after watching flies gather on the friend dead in my living room this is pretty disturbing


petition to make this the new loading symbol

fkn sucks
waiting for drugs


dont ask me about my sexuality youre not gonna get a straight answer

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Posted: September 23rd


Decaying human remains recovered from the stomach of a bull shark.
Despite DNA testing and other forensic techniques, the corpse was never identified.

I read that it was a fisherman,