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shout out to dead cops. keep doin ur thing

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Posted: August 27th
my hair matches my bong, who said i’m not coordinated?
i know i haven’t been on in like a year but…


whenever somebody says like “so what did you do today?” just look off into the distance and say “the right thing”

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Posted: August 20th

more like 5”4, feeling at least six feet tall…
nothing can touch me now, ain’t nothing to make me stall
sams The Man, my man,
my man keeping track of our plans
holding my hand,
being the band
while we spit rhymes like breathing,
fucking yes it’s easy
talent for pay,
everyday be our day
we pack fat stacks that sit in large sums
cash big enough to make us come
right in our pants
you’d all dance
to the beat of our shit
better than a hit
you’d fiend for our bass
fucking up your face
stuck in the mirror?
our styles even more clearer
sitting here shooting smack
knowing we got each other’s back
tryna get on the straight and narrow
all i worry ‘bout is becoming a young widow
bit too deep now
gotta get out now
peace out, ‘till another time
unless i blow out my mind
like …pow!

Posted: August 19th
you edddeot, stimpy!