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vuil geboost

jeeesus, i can’t even believe it!
what a flippin’ heavy flow,
now if it’s that time of the month then b-b-baby, let me know
and i’ll tippy-toe, ya know, like, yippee-yippee yo.
fucking no one can erase me!
go on, just try to replace me,
it’s mission impossible!
but, ladies and gentleman, we came here to have a nice time,
blingin’ ‘n rippin’, 
we flip it ‘n hit ‘em with the sickest song;
the vibe’s always strong when our mic is on.
so throw your hands up,
do not come with any rude attitude.
cool, calm, collected, cause if you fuck around 
it’s always possible you’ll cop a fuckin’ bitch slap,
yeah we’re crazy, contagious, but fuckin’ courageous.
yo, my mic is still on, so i’m here to tell you;
my last name is swarms
'n i'm not disposable, yet still fully posable
fuck, baby, i could be a pop star,
flexin’ and special effects-in’!
baby, you don’t have to feel so out of breath
i’m just a little angel, i swear…
anyway, gam, my baby, we’re both broke as a joke
but damn, we put the fuckin’ boom in the room!
just me n gamji, 
we’ll even blow the fuckin’ roof off your taxi!
'n yeah actually, it's known that i'm flippin' hilarious,
cause no one will take me fucking serious!
but i ain’t changing my rhymes,
just to suit their dull minds.
so sit back ‘n experience it,
while i get psycho-crazy-delirious with it.

Posted: March 15th

oh my fucking god
i don’t know why but i haven’t been able to “customize” my tumblr page thing since i first made it so it still says i’m 18 (and a fucking heroin addict which is no longer true, fuck yeah!) i’m fucking 20 years old now, that’s how long i’ve been trying to change my fucking page for. getting really over tumblr. oh well.

hi everyone! say hi to me!

Posted: January 24th
me too, new friend… me too…

top’s thoughts on his character and the script in the commitment
i’m on a rampage that will only end when i get to bang this man (aka never)

this gif just gives me certian feels ok…

it’s literally killing me