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When women used to be depressed or were not “taking care of their men” properly their husbands could send them to the psych ward for attitude adjustments. This was part of conditioning them to always wear a smile. They believed that if a woman saw herself smiling that it would become natural practice and that she would be “cured”. This often went along with shock therapies.

if this was still available sam would totally send menot even jokingbut i love that boy, am i insane?

This is the highlight of my year.
"Medusa didn’t ask for the snakes in her hair.
She gazed hoping to see love never stone.
Poor Medusa wasn’t born a monster.
Until Poseidon in his rage condemned her to be.
Can’t you see?
What was once pure beauty became poison.
And, her kindness a lost myth.
Alas, the story of many women is also this.
" written by Hannah Sofia Ghani, Poor Medusa

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i’m a lil’ devil
sparkles + boobs

it’s 5am here, let’s start a conversation

Posted: September 10th
so here are my lil’ boobies and a really cute doughnut

bazook said: you used to not be much of a smoker

i know! i used to pretty much stick to IV heroin but yeah, i don’t go to sleep without a sesh now lol times have changed

Posted: September 10th
i really, really need to become magically prettier without putting any effort into it. why can’t i just at least not be gross?
my hair matches my bong, who said i’m not coordinated?
i know i haven’t been on in like a year but…